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Artigo Público TURNER, J. P. Detachment faulting and petroleum prospectivity in the Rio Muni Basin, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa

Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v. 153, n. 1, p. 303–320, 1 jan. 1999
Geological Society, London, Special Publications

Artigo Público NICHOLSON, S. E.; SOME, B.; KONE, B. An analysis of recent rainfall conditions in West Africa, including the rainy seasons of the 1997 El Niño and the 1998 La Niña years

Journal of Climate, v. 13, n. 14, p. 2628–2640, 2000
Journal of Climate

Artigo Público NERZIC, R. et al. Joint distributions of Wind/Waves/Current in West Africa and derivation of multivariate extreme I-FORM contours

THE INTERNATIONAL OFFSHORE AND POLAR ENGINEERING CONFERENCE. Lisbon, Portugal: International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers, 2007. Disponível em:
THE INTERNATIONAL OFFSHORE AND POLAR ENGINEERING CONFERENCE. Lisbon, Portugal: International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers, 2007

Artigo Público MEYERS, J. B. et al. Deep penetrating MCS imaging of the rift-to-drift transition, offshore Douala and North Gabon basins, West Africa

Marine and Petroleum Geology, v. 13, n. 7, p. 791–835, 1996
Marine and Petroleum Geology

Artigo Público MESSAGER, C.; GALL?E, H.; BRASSEUR, O. Precipitation sensitivity to regional SST in a regional climate simulation during the West African monsoon for two dry years

Climate Dynamics, v. 22, n. 2-3, p. 249–266, 1 mar. 2004
Climate Dynamics

Artigo Público MCGINNIS, J. P. et al. Flexural response of passive margins to deep-sea erosion and slope retreat: implications for relative sea-level change

Geology, v. 21, n. 10, p. 893–896, 1993

Artigo Público LIU, Z.; LI, J. Control of salt structures on hydrocarbons in the passive continental margin of West Africa

Petroleum Exploration and Development, v. 38, n. 2, p. 196–202, 2011
Petroleum Exploration and Development

Artigo Público LAVIER, L. L.; STECKLER, M. S.; BRIGAUD, F. Climatic and tectonic control on the Cenozoic evolution of the West African margin

Marine Geology, v. 178, n. 1, p. 63–80, 2001
Marine Geology

Artigo Público KOLLA, V. et al. Evolution of deep-water Tertiary sinuous channels offshore Angola (west Africa) and implications for reservoir architecture

AAPG bulletin, v. 85, n. 8, p. 1373–1405, 2001
AAPG bulletin

Artigo Público KHRIPOUNOFF, A. et al. Direct observation of intense turbidity current activity in the Zaire submarine valley at 4000 m water depth

Marine Geology, v. 194, n. 3-4, p. 151–158, mar. 2003
Marine Geology

Artigo Público HARRIS, N. B. Evolution of the Congo rift basin, west Africa: An inorganic geochemical record in lacustrine shales

Basin Research, v. 12, n. 3-4, p. 425–445, 2000
Basin Research

Artigo Público HARRIS, N. B. et al. The character and origin of lacustrine source rocks in the Lower Cretaceous synrift section, Congo Basin, west Africa

AAPG Bulletin, v. 88, n. 8, p. 1163–1184, 2004
AAPG Bulletin

Artigo Público HARRIS, N. B. et al. Distribution, timing and intensity of major tectonic events on the west African margin from Gabon to Namibia: Results of a regional apatite fission track study

In: AAPG ANNUAL MEETING. Houston, Texas: 2002Disponível em:
AAPG ANNUAL MEETING. Houston, Texas: 2002
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