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Artigo Público TALUKDAR, P. Maritime Boundaries of India-A Case Study. 1990

Maritime Boundaries of India-A Case Study
Maritime Boundaries of India-A Case Study

Artigo Público SHETH, H. C. Flood basalts and large igneous provinces from deep mantle plumes: fact, fiction, and fallacy

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Artigo Público ABOOBACKER, V. M. et al. On the dominance of pre-existing swells over wind seas along the west coast of India.

Continental Shelf Research, v. 31, n. 16, p. 1701–1712, 2011.
Continental Shelf Research

Artigo Público AAL, A. A. et al. Tectonic evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin and its significance for hydrocarbon prospectivity in the ultradeepwater of the Nile Delta

The Leading Edge, v. 19, n. 10, p. 1086–1102, 2000.
The Leading Edge
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